Technical SEO

Analysis of server logs

This is a valuable SEO practice that allows you to identify indexing problems, detect technical errors and optimize your site structure.

Structured data optimization

Microdata optimization is the process of bringing structured data to your site that helps search engines better understand your content.

Optimizing the crawl budget

Based on the analysis of the crawl budget, we will propose optimizations to optimize the use of the crawl budget.

Core Web Vitals Optimization

Core Web Vitals optimization is key to providing excellent user experience and better search engine rankings.

Optimize internal linking

Optimizing internal linking will contribute to better navigation of your site, improve indexing of content by search engine robots, and strengthen links between pages.

Optimize site structure

We will analyze and optimize the page hierarchy so that the most important content is clearly highlighted.

Heat map analysis

Optimization based on heat map analysis will allow you to increase user engagement, improve conversions and achieve better business results.

Link profile audit

Don't risk losing visibility in search results because of an inadequate link profile.

Mobile SEO

Don't lose traffic and customers due to an unoptimized mobile site.

Service migration

Whether you're moving your site to a new platform, changing the URL structure or making technological updates, our experienced team will ensure a smooth and secure transfer of your site.

Creating a topical authority map

An advanced strategy allows you to build your site's topical authority and stand out from the competition.

Restoring traffic after declines

We will conduct an in-depth investigation into the reasons for the drop in traffic, analyzing changes in search engine algorithms, technical problems, competition and other factors affecting your site's visibility.

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During the consultation and subsequent audit of your site, we are able to propose the most effective solution that will positively affect the state of the site

Technical SEO is an aspect of website optimization that includes all the technical elements of a website to improve its indexing and interpretation by search engines.

Yes, each of the listed services is available for an additional fee. Although some elements are implemented as part of basic SEO optimization, we also offer additional services depending on the specific problems we identify on your website. These dedicated services will help direct attention to a specific problem to ensure the best possible results.

Costs associated with additional services depend on various factors and are always determined on a case-by-case basis based on an audit of the site. The audit allows us to understand what actions are most needed to improve its ranking in search results.

This approach ensures that our activities are targeted to those areas that most need improvement, allowing you to use your budget effectively without unnecessarily burning through resources. Therefore, determining costs is an individual process and depends on the specific needs of your site.