Microdata optimization

Structured data is an important element for positioning. They can be described as special tags added to the code of a page that provide additional information about its content. They allow search engines to better understand and interpret what the site is about. In short, structured data helps a site be more visible and understood in search results.

    How do we audit your website's structrual data?

    In order to audit the structured data on your website, it is useful to follow a few key steps. First, identify the presence of structured data by reviewing the HTML code and looking for special tags, such as schema.org or JSON-LD.

    Next, it’s worth checking that the structured data is implemented correctly, correcting any syntax errors or incorrectly nested tags. The next step is to make sure that the structured data is consistent and complete across all sites. It is also important that the data accurately reflect the content of the site. You can use tools for webmasters, such as data structure testing tools from Google, to validate your implementation.

    It is also worthwhile to align structured data with industry best practices and monitor its effectiveness to ensure that it is up-to-date and in line with any changes. Conducting regular audits of structured data helps improve a site’s visibility in search engines and provides a better user experience.

    What is the impact of structured data on CTR?

    Properly implemented structured data can help generate richer snippets in search results. These snippets, such as ratings, stars, images, product prices, reviews, etc., attract users’ attention and stand out from other results. This, in turn, increases the chance that a link to your site will be clicked on.

    Structured data can provide additional information in search results that is relevant to users. For example, if your site is an online store, structured data may include information about product availability, prices, customer ratings.

    If your company has a Knowledge Panel in the search results, structured data can affect the content of that panel. Correctly tagged information such as contact information, opening hours, addresses, reviews, ratings. They can make it easier for users to access this information directly from search results.

    Structured data is also important in the context of the growing popularity of voice search. Voice search engines often rely on structured data to provide answers to users’ questions. If your site has properly tagged structured data, it is more likely to be selected as a response source, which can increase traffic.

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