Price list for website positioning

Determining the budget when it comes to SEO is a key element that determines whether the campaign will be successful. We prepare each proposal for cooperation individually for a given project, taking into account the client’s business needs and the segments of the site that need improvement.

    How do we set a project budget?

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      Initial state analysis

      Project pricing should always begin with an analysis of the initial state of your website. You need to understand how the site is currently optimized, what its strengths are and what its weaknesses are. Many SEO companies offer free or paid audits that provide valuable information on this topic. These costs are usually the first item on the price list.

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      Estimating project coverage

      The next step is to determine how big the project is. Does your site have only a few pages, or is it a complex site with thousands of pages? Depending on the size and amount of work required, costs can vary significantly.

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      Competition in the industry

      The amount and intensity of competition in your industry has a huge impact on the cost of SEO. If your industry is highly competitive, you will need to invest more resources to achieve high rankings in search results.

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      Keyword selection

      The keywords you want to rank for also affect the cost. Highly competitive phrases are more difficult (and therefore more expensive) to position, while less popular, so-called “high-touch” phrases are more expensive. Long tails, may be cheaper, but just as effective.

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      Regularity and duration

      Remember that SEO is a process that takes time and regular action. Companies that promise quick results for a low price are likely to use techniques that may do more harm than good.

    What do customers ask us?

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    The scope of the quote includes all the necessary elements that affect successful positioning, i.e. Site audit, technical optimization, content construction and link profile building. Besides, the price includes after-sales service and periodic reporting of our activities

    Subscription billing in SEO is used for several key reasons. First of all, positioning is a process that requires constant action. In order for a website to maintain a high ranking in search results, we need to regularly create valuable content, build strong links, optimize pages and monitor the effects of our actions. All this is possible thanks to a subscription model that allows us to work continuously.

    Billing for effect forces you to focus on optimizing only selected pages, rather than the entire site, which can lead to your site not matching Google’s requirements. Such short-sighted optimization can lead to the use of Black Hat SEO techniques that do not comply with Google’s guidelines.

    Modern SEO should focus on the entire site, providing valuable content and satisfying user needs, not just one element. The content on the page is more important than the number of key phrases placed there. Too much focus on positioning a few phrases limits content development and work on long-tail keyword phrases.

    No, there are no hidden fees. All costs associated with the positioning service are clearly stated in the offer and included in the contract. We are committed to providing full transparency in our operations, so our customers can rest assured that they will not encounter any unexpected costs.


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