Mapping topical authority

We are the first agency in Poland to specialize in topical authority mapping. Our team of experienced experts has the knowledge and skills needed to develop a comprehensive theme strategy for your website.

    Topical authority maps - what exactly are they?

    • What is topical authority

    Topical authority refers to the level of recognition a website or author enjoys in a particular topic, or field. This means that a site is considered a credible source of information, an expert or authority in its field.

    Topical authority is an important factor in SEO, as the search engine strives to provide users with the most valuable and reliable search results. The impact of topic authority on SEO is that sites considered authoritative are more likely to rank higher in search results for related topics.

    To gain authority in a field, it is important to create high-quality content that is related to the topic and provides valuable knowledge or information to users. In addition, it is important to build internal and external links with other sites or sources that are also considered authoritative in the field.

    However, gaining thematic authority does not happen immediately. This requires time, systematic creation of valuable content, earning the trust of users and gaining links from other credible sites. Gradually, by continuously providing value and building reputation, a site can gain topical authority in its field.

    Topic authority is an important factor for a website, as it affects its visibility in search results, user trust and overall reputation in the field.

    • How do we create a topical authority map?

    A topic map is a type of visual organization of content on a website, focusing on a specific topic. Mape can be compared to a tree, where the root is the main topic and the branches are subtopics or related topics. Each of these branches can have additional branches, creating a hierarchical structure of topics and sub-topics.

    • Semantic categories

    Our service provides a logical structure for the content on your website, making it easier for Google to understand exactly what your site is about. Thanks to the thematic hierarchy, each category and subcategory is logically linked to the main topic, creating a coherent arrangement of content.

    • Coverage of the topic

    Rest assured that your website fully covers your chosen subject area. We strive to ensure that the content of your site is complete and includes information on all relevant aspects related to your topic area.

    At the same time, we realize that some topics may change and evolve. That’s why we also leave room for further extensions and content updates to keep your site relevant and competitive as your topic evolves.

    • Recommendations for internal linking

    Good site architecture and internal linking are key, as they help build thematic links on your site. When you link appropriately between related posts, you create a logical path for users to explore content on similar topics. In addition, search engines such as Google use internal links as a guide to the hierarchy and relevance of content on your site.

    Our topic maps provide recommendations on how to internally link posts to build consistency and thematic links between them. By creating the right internal links, your website becomes more understandable to search engines, which may see it as an authority in the field.

    What are the benefits of preparing topical authority maps?

    The map will help your site become recognized as an authority in a particular field. Providing valuable and related content will make Google and other search engines notice that you are an expert in your industry. This will result in higher positions in search results.

    Your site will have a consistent thematic structure. Creating relevant internal links and organizing content into topic clusters will enable search engines to better understand your site’s structure. Strong thematic links will help you get indexed and rank higher in search results.

    Provides clear and easy navigation for users of your site. With a consistent thematic structure, visitors will easily find related topics and content. This will increase user engagement and time spent on the site.

    Having topical authority affects user confidence. When your site is perceived as an authority on a particular topic, users will be more likely to rely on your information and turn to you as a reliable source of knowledge.

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