Analysis of server logs

Server log analysis is the process of examining records of how search engine bots, such as Googlebot, that visit your website. Using analytical tools, we are able to draw conclusions to increase the visibility of your pages.

    What are server logs?

    Server logs, also known as log files, are records of server activity. These records contain information about all activities that took place on the server. Server logs can contain different types of information, depending on the type of server and logging configuration.

    For example, web server logs can contain information about each HTTP request that was sent to the server, including the client’s IP address, the date and time of the request, the path to the requested resource, the HTTP status code returned by the server, the amount of data sent and much more.

    Database server logs (such as MySQL or PostgreSQL) can contain information about SQL queries that are sent to the database, including the query execution time, query result and any errors.


    What are the benefits of analyzing server logs?

    Server logs allow you to see what pages and resources are indexed by search engines. We check that all important pages are accessible to search engine robots and that there are no indexing problems.

    Analysis of server logs can help identify crawl errors, such as 404 errors or 500 errors. If search engines are having difficulty accessing certain pages, this can be fixed to avoid a negative impact on indexing.

    Taking a look at your server logs can help you identify popular keywords that bring traffic to your site. You can see what phrases users are typing in when they come to your site from search results. This information can help you improve your keyword strategy and optimize your content for search.

    Analyzing server logs can provide information about the popular search engines that index your site. You can find out if most of your traffic comes from Google, Bing or other search engines. This allows you to adjust your SEO strategy to better suit the preferences of specific search engines.

    Server logs can reveal bot activity and attempts to spam your site. This allows us to take appropriate precautions, such as blocking malicious bots and reducing the impact of spam.

    Analyzing server logs can help identify technical problems that may affect site performance and availability. We are able to see if there are recurring errors that need to be fixed, and check server response times, which can affect the user experience.

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