Affiliate program

Join our partner program, refer new companies to us, collect bonuses and
receive 50% of your first invoice
from each referral.

    Bonus for each referral

    Receive bonuses of 50% of the value of your first invoice for each company you refer

    Collect bonuses

    Recommend us to other companies and collect bonuses amounting to PLN 3,000

    Payment guarantee

    You do not have to worry about the duration of the contract, you can always count on the payment of gratuities

    How to get started?

    We have a short conversation, during which we get to know each other better, answer all questions and sign a contract

    You recommend us to other companies

    We take on the entire sales process, meet with the potential customer and present the strategy and opportunities to them

    After signing the contract, you will receive a referral commission from us in the form of 50% of the value of the subscription

    On subsequent referrals, you can collect and receive bonuses in the form of additional bonuses

    Receive additional bonuses

    Receive annual bonuses, get 50% from each referred customer, earn additional bonuses for subsequent referrals.
    Referred customers in a year
    Additional bonuses
    PLN 1,000
    PLN 2,000
    PLN 3,000

    What do our partners ask?

    Didn't you find the answer here? Simply send a message with any question and we will respond within 30 minutes.

    To join our affiliate program, there are no special requirements. Anyone can join and take advantage of the benefits and opportunities we offer.

    Yes, joining an affiliate program is completely free.

    Yes, for our Elite Partners, we have prepared free training courses on Internet marketing.

    We send you access to a specially designed dashboard where you can track your customer’s call history and how much bonus you are entitled to.

    Your task is only to pass on to us the potential interested company. The entire process of discussions and negotiations is fully on our side.