Price list of Google Ads campaigns

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    What affects the valuation of activities?

    • 1
      Scope of work

      It includes comprehensive support for advertising campaigns, including analysis and strategy alignment, creation and optimization of advertising content, performance monitoring and regular reporting. The agency also offers support in optimizing the landing page to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

    • 2
      Frequency of campaign optimization and monitoring

      Close monitoring and daily optimization of campaigns, provides oversight of ad performance and allows for adjustments based on data analysis.

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      Selected keywords and their competitiveness

      Keyword analysis and competitiveness are also included in the price list. We conduct keyword research, selecting the most appropriate ones for a given campaign, and also analyze the competition, which allows you to adjust your strategy to achieve better results.

    • 4
      Campaign budget

      The budget for the campaign can vary, depending on the client’s needs and the scope of work. We offer a variety of budget options, providing flexibility and the ability to match costs to expectations and advertising goals.

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      Duration of the campaign

      The duration of the campaign is also determined on a case-by-case basis, according to the planned goals and scope of the activities. We can offer short-term campaigns focused on specific promotions, as well as long-term campaigns that include seasonal campaigns or ongoing advertising efforts throughout the year.

    The process of preparing a Google Ads campaign

    • Customer needs analysis – allows us to thoroughly understand our clients’ goals, expectations and preferences, which is the foundation of our campaign strategy, enabling us to customize activities and transform business goals into effective advertising efforts;
    • Market and competitor research – detailed market and competitor analysis is a key step that allows us to explore industry dynamics, identify trends and analyze competitor activities. This allows us to stay ahead of the competition, adapt our campaign strategy to market realities, and find unique ways to reach our target audience;
    • Configuration of accounts and monitoring tools – Proper configuration of accounts and monitoring tools is an essential part of the strategy to fully exploit the potential of Google Ads. With careful setup, our team can track the effectiveness of the campaign, analyze the results, and adjust the strategy in real time to achieve better results;
    • Keyword selection and ad grouping – this is a process in which our team of experts carefully analyzes and selects relevant keywords, taking into account popularity, relevance and conversion potential. In addition, we create consistent and compelling ad groups so that the campaign is optimized for quality results;
    • Ad creation and optimization – our team designs attractive and effective advertising content that attracts the attention of potential customers. In addition, we are constantly optimizing content, tailoring it to user response to maximize conversion rates;
    • Campaign monitoring and optimization – a key part of our daily operations. Regular analysis and tracking of results allow us to respond in real time to changing market conditions, implement appropriate adjustments and adjust our campaign strategy to achieve the best possible results and ensure return on investment. As a result, our clients can be sure that their advertising campaigns are constantly optimized and adapted to changing market conditions.


    What do customers ask us?

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    Depending on the specific project, the availability of materials and the scale of activities, as well as the amount of work required to successfully carry out the process. However, before we start our activities, we always inform you of the necessary time it will take to prepare everything, and at each stage we inform you of the progress of the work.

    Campaign optimization is the process of continually improving and adjusting an advertising campaign to make it more effective and cost-efficient. This can include various aspects of the campaign, such as choosing keywords, designing and testing different versions of ads, adjusting budgets and bids, and configuring campaign settings such as target groups, location, language and more.

    Yes, you can change the budget during the campaign. Google Ads allows flexible budget management, allowing you to tailor your ad spending to your current needs and business goals.

    Keep in mind, however, that too much budget change, especially sudden reductions, can affect the effectiveness of the campaign and the results achieved.We can help you assess what the potential impact of the budget change will be, and adapt your campaign strategy to the new conditions.

    In addition, it is important that a change in budget does not immediately affect the display of ads. Google Ads, over the next few days, is adjusting the display of ads to the new budget, so some of the effects of the budget change may not be visible until a few days later.

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