Restoring lost traffic

Your site has experienced a drop in visibility and click-through rates, don’t worry – we’re here to help. Our experienced team of experts has the knowledge and skills needed to identify the causes of traffic decline and develop an effective action plan.

Diagnosis and action plan key to bringing back traffic from Google

We conduct a detailed analysis to identify the factors responsible for the decline in your site’s visibility and click-through rate. Whether the problem is due to a Google algorithm update, site migration or redesign, we will take the appropriate steps to get your traffic back from Google.

Our strategy for restoring lost traffic is based on in-depth analysis and research. We create a personalized action plan, taking into account the specific needs of your site. With our experience and SEO expertise, we can effectively bring your traffic back from Google and improve your site’s visibility in search results.

What are we doing to restore traffic?

The first step is to carefully analyze the decline in traffic to your site. We identify when and how traffic has significantly decreased. This may include analysis of statistics such as number of clicks, number of page views, average time on page, etc.

We are investigating whether the drop in traffic is the result of a search engine algorithm update, such as a core update, and what specifically was affected by the improvements.

We analyze the competition to see if they have also experienced a drop in traffic. We compare key parameters with competitors to identify possible areas where we can improve our strategy.

We check that content is optimized for keywords and complies with SEO principles. We analyze the content for topical authority (link to the topical authority map) and make sure the site has no external and internal duplication.

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