Diametrical increase in organic traffic after store structure overhaul

Onled, based in the heart of Wroclaw, is known for offering high-quality LED lighting. The cooperation with us began at the beginning of 2023, we were faced with the task of continuing the work started by another agency, which until then had been engaged in building organic traffic.

After careful analysis, we found that there were many aspects that could be optimized. There were areas that required immediate intervention, and those that needed a long-term strategy.

The collaboration has been and continues to be not only a challenge for us, but also an opportunity to show how a flexible and effective approach to SEO can bring real benefits to the client.

November 15, 2023
Lighting store
Type of project
Lead time
11 months

The results of our work


Organic traffic growth


Top3 keyword growth


Top10 keyword growth

Main objectives

  • Increasing organic traffic,
  • Improving site navigation,
  • Focusing on less competitive phrases.

Activities performed

  • A major overhaul of the site’s architecture,
  • Create internal linking,
  • removing duplicate content,
  • Optimization of titles and headlines,
  • crawl budget optimization,
  • link profile expansion.

Rebuilding the site structure

During the audit, we noticed significant difficulties resulting from an excessive number of categories, leading to cannibalization of keywords in categories that we and the client had identified as priorities. As a result, we deactivated as many as 149 categories that were an obstacle to further development of the site.

URL prioritization allowed for effective keyword targeting, which had a major impact on improving the site’s visibility in search results. With this reorganization, individual sub-pages gained a clearer, personalized focus, allowing search engines to more easily understand and index the content.

Activities performed

  • We identified addresses that needed redevelopment,
  • We proposed a new, clearer category structure,
  • We have assigned thematically related subcategories to the main categories,
  • We performed 301 redirects from deactivated categories to the corresponding target addresses,
  • For each URL, we assigned relevant keywords to fully cover the topic.

Create internal linking

Creating internal linking is essential for better understanding of the site’s subject matter by indexing robots and by users themselves, which should always be the primary goal.

We implemented internal linking in the main categories to navigate deeper into the site. We created connections between key categories while adapting to the individual needs of the site structure.

Internal linking optimization
has turned into an increase in organic traffic in the chart below showing the industrial lamp category.

Optimization of page headers and titles

Page titles are one of the key elements that Google’s algorithms take into account. Therefore, we placed special emphasis on this aspect, carefully analyzing and adjusting the titles of the main categories and subcategories. In the process, we focused on using more valuable keywords to make the titles even more precise and converting to sales.

In all categories, we revised the typography of the text. We have also redesigned the h2 and h3 headings in the categories considered a priority, significantly expanding them. The changes made to each category were subject to careful analysis to make sure that they would positively affect the readability, structure and final optimization of the site for SEO.

Activities performed

  • Identifying page titles that are too short,
  • Analysis and modification of top-down changed page titles by the search engine,
  • Targeting titles with more caloric keywords,
  • Competitor analysis for headline expansion,
  • Expanding content and keyword content in headlines.

Optimizing the crawl budget

While rebuilding the site’s structure and establishing new paths for internal linking, we paid great attention to optimizing the time search engine robots spend indexing our site.

The industry in which we operate is highly competitive, so it is a requirement to be faster than the competition in terms of indexing new content appearing on the site.


Activities performed

  • Exclusion from indexation of low-value addresses, such as filtering, view changes,
  • 404 error removal,
  • Uploading the sitemap to Google Search Console,
  • cauterize the robots.txt file.

Construction of the link profile

In the first phase of the project, we performed
audit of the link profile
, and we based our strategy on expanding the link profile with a significant number of sponsored articles, of which we have acquired about 30 since the beginning of the cooperation.

We based our diversified linkbuilding strategy on:

  • forums,
  • catalogs,
  • Sponsored articles from general interest portals,
  • Sponsored articles from industry portals.

The correctness of the decisions made on the selection of strategies for building page authority is confirmed by one of our main categories “rail lighting”, where we can see that the increase in referring domains coincides proportionally with the increase in organic traffic.

Keyword growth over the course of the collaboration


Positioning of online stores
in the lighting industry is a real challenge, especially in the face of intense competition from brands. Thanks to precise technical optimization, we were able to put the site on the right development path. In turn, the systematic expansion of content and strategic building of the link profile had a positive impact on the positioning of key phrases.

But it wasn’t just a skillfully tailored SEO strategy that mattered here. Excellent communication with our client also proved to be a key to success. His confidence, especially in remodeling the site’s structure, and his prompt responses to our suggestions, made the project develop dynamically and efficiently.

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