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ROAS at 3339% for furniture store

July 20, 2023
Furniture stores
Type of project
Google Ads
Lead time
11 months

The results of our work


Average monthly advertising cost


Average monthly sales value


Average ROAS

Google Ads or is it for everyone?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, every business can be promoted in some way through Google Ads.

Of course, products or services that violate both legal restrictions and the rules of the platform itself should be excluded.

Forms of promotion including product ads, text ads to banners and video ads end up allowing you to show yourself to a really wide audience.

As part of advertising efforts, we can build a brand, increase sales or attract potential customers.

Why should you consider Google Ads?

Google Ads is not just an advertising space, it is first and foremost a tool that allows you to reach your exact target audience at the right time and place.


Does the monthly budget have to be large?

Before we dive into the details of our 11-month project, let’s consider a key question on the minds of many businesses: do we really need huge budgets to compete effectively in today’s crowded online marketplace?

Currently, the online market is saturated with many brands competing for customer attention. Virtually every industry, from fashion to technology, is saturated with competition. The furniture industry is no exception. With the big players having almost unlimited resources, it may seem that smaller companies have no chance to succeed.

However, success online is not always proportional to the size of the budget. Creativity, innovation and quality of the product or service are the keys that can open the door to a successful online presence. Backed by the right strategy, these elements allow companies to build strong customer relationships that translate into loyalty and profits in the long run.

In the case of our project, we knew from the beginning that competing with industry giants on a limited budget would be a challenge. That’s why we focused on more niche, yet highly targeted keywords and phrases that would allow us to reach a specific audience. Avoiding fighting for the most popular and expensive phrases, we focused on those that would bring real traffic and conversions.

In conclusion, a huge advertising budget is undoubtedly an asset, but it is not the only way to success. Smaller companies, with the right knowledge and strategy, can compete effectively in the market, even if they don’t have multimillion-dollar resources at their disposal.

Defining the strategy

Creating an effective strategy requires not only knowledge and experience, but also an informed approach to the challenges facing the company. Working with a client on a project for a furniture store, we were faced with a dilemma: how to use limited resources most effectively to bring tangible business benefits?

  • Focus on value, not quantity
  • Understanding your target market
  • Appropriate advertising format
  • Maximize profits, not the number of users

Final strategy assumptions

When deciding on the direction of advertising activities, we relied on deep data analysis, experience and continuous dialogue with the client. As a result, despite budget constraints, it was possible to create an effective campaign that brought significant business benefits.

Monthly campaign cost

Nowadays, the success of an advertising campaign is not only the result of a large financial investment, but above all of skillful optimization and wise management of available resources. This is precisely the approach we took during the project.

Budgeting and optimization

The key to successful budget management is continuous optimization. We analyzed the effectiveness of each activity on an ongoing basis, accurately measuring the return on investment (ROI) and adjusting the strategy to achieve the highest possible benefits at the lowest possible cost. Our goal was not only to meet customer expectations, but more importantly to maximize benefits while minimizing expenses.

Specific figures

Throughout the project, we were able to maintain The average monthly cost at PLN 654. This may seem like a low amount compared to the large advertising campaigns run by corporations, but thanks to a carefully thought-out strategy and continuous optimization, this budget was used to its best advantage, producing concrete results for our client.

Value of sales generated from advertising

The effectiveness of an advertising campaign is measured not only by the number of clicks or a high CTR, but primarily by the actual sales value generated through the ads. It is this value that gives us the full picture of the effectiveness and profitability of advertising investments.

Results in numbers

Throughout the duration of the advertising campaign, we were able to generate an impressive conversion value of 241,000. PLN. This means that every month, thanks to advertising activities, The store achieved an average turnover of 21,900. PLN.

Google Ads as a path to success

The results achieved prove that an investment in a properly planned advertising campaign can yield significant returns. The effectiveness of our activities is confirmed by the fact that with a relatively low monthly advertising budget we were able to achieve such a high monthly turnover. This success story is proof that with the right approach and knowledge, any company, regardless of size, can successfully compete in the market.

Summary of spectacular results

Throughout the period of cooperation, we managed to achieve, an average ROAS of 33.4. In practice, this means that every zloty invested in advertising brought as much as 33.4 zloty of turnover.

How did we achieve such a high ROAS?

The key to success was the continuous optimization of the campaign. We did not rest on our laurels after the first positive results. Instead, we constantly monitored the effectiveness of operations, adjusting them to meet current market needs and customer expectations. Combining this with a well-crafted advertising strategy maximized the return on investment.

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