Erotic store success – how to do effective SEO for 2000 PLN?

August 28, 2023
Erotic stores
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14 months

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Major challenges:

Censorship and rules – the subject matter itself can prevent effective SEO through conventional SEO techniques. Sometimes, even if a site does not explicitly violate these rules, it may be marked as inappropriate or blocked.

Competition – The erotic industry is extremely competitive. There are many websites, stores and services competing for the attention of the same users. Gaining visibility in such a crowded market is very difficult.

Link acquisition – building a link profile is a key element of SEO, but in the case of the erotic industry it is extremely difficult. Many publishers reject the offer to create blog articles or tutorials on their sites, which greatly limits the room for effective linkbulding.

Main objectives

  • Increase website traffic,
  • Increasing the revenue generated at the store,
  • building brand awareness.

Activities performed

  • Analyze the industry and competitors, and propose a budget,
  • strategy preparation,
  • technical optimization,
  • Expansion and updating of content,
  • link profile analysis.

Industry and competitive analysis and budget

We analyzed the top 5 erotic stores that performed best in terms of organic traffic.

We analyzed the quantity and quality of the domains they were acquiring.

We based our valuation on several main aspects:

  • Domain History,
  • current link profile,
  • number of links to be acquired,
  • The amount of content found on the site,
  • The amount of content published by competitors,
  • The number of elements that need to be technically improved.

Positive aspects of the site

  • The site has a very good history,
  • The current link profile is more in line with what the competition has,
  • a very large amount of content on the site in the form of category descriptions and in the form of blog articles, the number of which was about 120.

Industry and competitive analysis and budget

Based on this information, the project was valued at the amount of 2000 PLN net per month, we based such a low valuation on the above factors, in addition, we estimated that after about 12 months we will be able to calmly propose an increase in the budget, as the investment will be returned, allowing us to allocate additional funds in this channel of customer acquisition.

If you want to deepen your knowledge of project budgeting, our SEO price list will help.

Technical optimization

When we start any project, we devote the most processing power to the technical issues of the site, these are the foundations that in the later stages of the project have a key impact on whether the site will grow or not. We were also aware that we are not possible technical shortcomings to cover with more expensive links.

Optimization work (1 month)

  • Analyze and refresh page titles,
  • adding microdata,
  • Creating a hierarchy of headings,
  • Improving the structure of the site,
  • Remove and create duplicate category redirects,
  • 46% of the URLs had mixed content,
  • In addition, together with the client’s help, we redesigned about 450 headlines and end product titles,
  • Optimization of internal linking between main categories and subcategories,
  • crawl budget optimization.

Technical optimization

After making the changes, we were confident that we had taken the right path, as the site responded immediately, which also made us confident that it would be valuable to the search engine, which awarded it a high crawl budget.

Optimization work

Technical optimization

After two months of optimization, we obtained very good results, which, of course, at this stage of the project completely did not translate into the number and value of baskets, while it gave us optimism for the following months.

Optimization work (2nd month)

Keywords before optimization





Keywords after optimization


2868 (+809)


105 (+44)

Developing and updating content

The site had about 120 blog articles and tutorials, comparing these numbers to the competition, we were confident that the site extensively covers the topic and meets all the conditions when it comes to topical authority, which you can read more about here.

In creating the content writing plan, we focused heavily on the activities of our competitors, analyzing how much content they have on a given product category, and how they cover the topic, checking to see if they answer all the questions potential customers might ask.

Content plan

According to this scheme, we set a plan that included guidelines for:

  • content volume,
  • number of headings,
  • The main keywords and longtails for which we wanted to position a particular subpage.


Link profile

The link profile in general is the most sensitive point of each project, in addition, operating in such an industry, we often bounced off the wall, wanting to publish articles on portals that we thought could bring the most benefit.

In choosing a linkbuilding strategy, we initially analyzed virtually every link leading to the site and decided whether to leave it or report it to a search engine for removal.

There were a lot of domains linking to the site, which had a low DR rating and a lack of traffic; the pages themselves were of typical spammer characteristics.

Link profile

Link profile

In the biggest peak, the domain was powered by about 335 domains; after the toxic links were relinquished, there were about 262 left.

Link profile

Link profile

Setting the point of a new start further, we pursued a strategy of building a link profile by supplementing with sponsored articles, forums and directories.
We based sponsored articles on the activities of our competitors and forged new paths ourselves, looking for quality places to post sponsored articles.

Link profile

Link profile

It is worth noting that after these changes were made, the site also responded to it quite quickly. After the changes, traffic to the site increased from 3,275 to 10,405 hits per month.

Link profile


In conclusion, the cited project shows how important it is to carry out an in-depth analysis covering the site and, above all, what’s beyond it, i.e. the link profile and the activities of competitors. A well-conducted diagnosis and the setting of priorities made it possible to achieve such a spectacular result.

Currently, after increasing the budget, the goal is to stabilize the position of one of the largest erotic stores in Poland, and then try to break into the top stores in the industry.

We approach each project individually, using experience and previously developed strategies that work. If you want our specialists to take a look at your online business, book a free consultation.

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